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제목 questyle -Qp1R
작성일자 2015-07-20



 Quest · Style

Three years ago, we sparked upon a plan to design a high-resolution portable music player (DAP). For our first DAP, we set ourselves an almost impossible goal. That was, to make it possible, for true music lovers and professional audiophiles, to enjoy the same Hi-Fi listening experience achieved in, state of the art, home based systems, in a portable body. This meant, the circuit design, the device, the system architecture, as well as, the industrial design and processes, must all be reconsidered. We looked forward to it, as not just portable Hi-Fi equipment, but, as the future of Hi-Fi itself.

Munich Hi-End Show 2015 , Questyle Audio officially releases the QP1 & QP1R.

A Memorable arc body with a twin steering wheel design, support for DSD128 & 24/192K Hz  PCM files, a pure Class A, all discrete transistor and component, headphone amplifier, incorporating Questyle Audio’s patented “Current Mode” Amplification, to ensure a warm, forceful voice performance, make the QP1 & QP1R masterpieces of portable DAPs .